Apple iOS 5 Devices Gain “Classified” Certification For Use In Australian Government.

Apple has long been seen as a consumer first, enterprise last company. But since the iPhone’s debut in 2007, people and the corporate world have been sucked into the land of iOS. Up until the last 1-2 years, RIM was the defacto standard for your typical corporate workplace, though has changed recently, with iOS and Android taking up bigger roles. But even with their increased corporate presence, the questions regarding how secure the consumer-focused platforms really are continually re-enter the fray.

After yesterday’s disappointing RIM earnings report comes new information that iOS is getting another major credibility boost thanks to the Australians. Specifically, Australia’s acting director of Australia’s Defence Signals Directorate, Mike Burgess, announced that iOS 5 devices had passed “strict government testing” and had been awarded “Protected” status meaning any businesses in Australia that have implemented DSD security can now use iOS 5 hardware.

RIM’s old bread and butter business is beginning to flow to other competitors faster and with more users. While the Australian government will no doubt still employ BlackBerries (as will other multi-platform corporations), it’s clear to see RIM’s once exclusive security and cohesive BlackBerry platform is no longer the standard. Various software tools and management solutions now allow IT departments to control not only BlackBerries, but Android and iOS devices as well. Still, the cost of moving in-house app development, training, security clearance testing and more still means many businesses won’t see the move to iOS or Android as beneficial (yet).

As your company adopted non-BlackBerry devices?

Source: Herald Sun | Via: AppleInsider

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