Apple Issuing Refunds To Those Who Bought “GameStore” App.

After releasing (seemingly on accident) and then removing the app some hours later, it appears Apple is moving forward with account refunds for the internal “GameStore” app used to test in-app purchasing in pre-iOS 3 days. We received the email last night while blissfully sleeping the night away.

If you didn’t have a chance to grab the app before Apple removed it, don’t go beating yourself down for it. Functionally speaking it was useless. It was an app to test in-app purchasing and did’t have any working pieces. Still, many who purchased the app (such as ourselves) saw it as a small Apple trinket worth collecting.

More importantly, though, the release of GameStore was a rare glimpse into Apple’s internal world. And for a company that cherishes privacy as much as Apple, the fact the app ever made it into the public App Store was pretty surprising in and of itself.