Apple Makes A Cool 5 Million Bucks From iPhoto For iOS

Apple gave word to Jim Dalrymple over at The Loop today that the 1 millionth unique copy of iPhoto had been downloaded for iOS. It only took 10 days to accomplish this feat after Apple announced and released the long awaited app during their iPad launch earlier this month.

I have seen positive reviews, as well as quite a few people griping over it. Personally, I think we should abandon the that is included, as we can pretty much handle it through the already, and replace it with this app. Having it be a standalone separate download is ridiculous. I understand that making 5 million dollars in under 2 weeks is always awesome, but it should be standard moving forward.

With any new Mac purchase, you are granted all of the iLife suite for free, why not make that the way iOS devices work in the future? Anyways, this isn’t about that, it’s about Apple continuing to horde crap tons of money!

Anyone out there enjoy their time with iPhoto yet? Let us know what you think of the app in the comments. And if you want to get yourself a copy, head on over to the App Store and download now for only $4.99!

Source: The Loop