Apple Opening 25 Mini Stores In Select Target Stores Across The Country.

Woah! Soon, shopping at your local Targe could become a lot more Apple-filled. And we’re not talking about produce here. According to a new rumor posted by AppleInsider, Apple will be rolling out “stores within a store” (think the deal they currently have with Best Buy) in 25 Target stores around the country. At this time, the list of select stores hasn’t been revealed nor has the official assortment of Apple gear that will be for sale. AppleInsider insinuates that Apple will “start small” meaning mainly iOS devices. Though, the partnership could expand into one closer to Best Buy’s partnership with Apple and see the chain adopting Mac and other non-iOS hardware too.

For cities without a stand alone Apple store or even a Best Buy, the news is pretty exciting, no?

  • Source AppleInsider
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