Apple Products Banned From Germany? Not So Fast.

  • November 4, 2011 11:23 pm

Several hours ago it was made public that Motorola had won an injunction in Germany relating to two patents that would reportedly ban all Apple gear from German stores. At first it sounded like a nightmare for Apple — a company who so vigorously defends patents and forces the ban of competitors products from retail shelves by way of patent disputes is now getting a taste of its own medicine. The reality: Apple is just fine.

According to a late-night post by The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Motorola’s “win” is nothing more than a “symbolic victory” (read: Apple isn’t losing any sleep). Apparently since Apple Inc. themselves don’t actually sell anything within Germany’s borders, there isn’t any actual product to ban under an injunction.

The confusion comes from the fact that Apple has two public faces in Germany: Apple Inc. (the global Apple name/company) and a local “Apple Germany”. The latter, and the one which could actually be affected by an injunction, is still fighting the lawsuit(s) by Motorola. The former (global, Apple Inc.) “let it slide” and lost the case due to a default judgment and injunction. But as stated above, Apple Inc. doesn’t actually sell any products in Germany.

While Apple isn’t quite as damaged as believed earlier, there’s still a possibility Motorola could deal a harmful blow as we lead into the most important time of the year for retail.

Via: TheVerge


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