Apple to Introduce Hydrogen Fuel Cells In Future Products.

We have all heard about the power of hydrogen fuel cells from the countless hours of media we consume. Whether its from watching the latest headlines on CNN or from reading countless WW II propaganda comic books, the power of hydrogen powered equipment has been a fantasy of most tech developers for several decades.

Now, the company most known for bringing fantasy to life, Apple, has expressed interest in switching their devices over from plug in USB and wall socket power to hydrogen fuel cell power. According to an article in Telegraph, Apple is claiming that their new technology will help reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, ease relationships with governments in the Middle East, and make for a much cleaner environment…
Not only will these hydrogen powered devices reduce the consumer electronic industry’s reliance on fossil fuels, it will make for a much better overall experience. Hydrogen powered devices will be able to last up to weeks with a single fuel cell. Once a cell is depleted, consumers simply replace it with another one. And if the devices currently available through Apple weren’t light enough, the hydrogen cells will make them even lighter and easy to manage.

Imagine being stuck on a trans-continental flight for 16 hours. With current technology you have about 3-4 hours of use out of a laptop and a little longer of a shelf life for portable devices like smartphones and tablets. If you are using energy intensive applications like media players, design software or a YouTube converter, your time is going to be cut even shorter. By switching to a hydrogen based power model, you do not have to live in fear of your electronics dying at inopportune moments.

One of the biggest impediments to the implementation of the new technology is the fear of massive hydrogen explosions. The risk of a high-powered hydrogen explosion was witnessed first hand in 2011 during the massive earthquake/tsunami in Japan. While the nuclear power plant in Fukushima was a wide scale catastrophe, millions of little devices running off of similar power sources could pose an extreme safety hazard if not properly handled.

Another thing Apple will need to convert consumers to is the idea of using fuel cells instead of plugging into a socket or computer. While people have been conditioned to this method for several years, Apple can fix this with a clever marketing campaign.

While the hydrogen technology is still a thing of the future, there is no doubt Apple is looking to release it to the public. Along with this move, they are also creating solar powered data centers and other things to increase their environmental awareness. The only thing they might have to worry about is where to store all of the discarded devices.