Apple To Release iPad 3 Sooner Rather Than Later, According To Dwindling Shipping Capacities

Apple is holding an event on Wednesday, March 7th to unveil the third generation iPad, the iPad 3. This is not a secret and in fact has been “confirmed” by Apple themselves (via press invites to said event). What is still a secret, however, is just how soon after the event Apple will actually make the iPad 3 available for purchase. The iPad itself has always gone on official sale rather quickly after being unveiled/announced, so it would seem that Apple would follow suit once again. Backing up claims of an impending release have been the usual high amount of iPad 3 parts leaks. But today comes something even better.

Both AppleInsider and Macrumors are reporting that global shipping carriers are being squeezed for space, particularly out of China. With Apple’s iPad 3 event going down this week and a ~1 week wait time estimated for public sales, hearing word that global shipping rates have increased some 20% and subsequently seen shipping capacity dwindle does make sense — Apple has millions upon millions of iPad 3s prepped for the big day.

When you start thinking about it, the fact that Apple, a single U.S. based company can launch a single product and cause global shipping to be affected so strongly is pretty incredible, no?