Apple Tweaked Their Nano-SIM Design To Appease Critics. Vote For Final Design Days Away.

Image Source: The Verge

The ongoing battle over nano-SIM designs is heating up. This week at CTIA, designs from both Nokia (and friends) as well as the Apple-led, backwards compatible version were shown off. Specifically, SIM card maker Giesecke & Devrient was waving the Apple designed nano-SIMs around giving us a good glimpse at what the near future will bring to SIM cards, and on a larger scale, mobile devices.

The most surprising update to the whole story is that Apple’s chosen design has received a slightly tweaked design that sees the metal contacts wrapped in an tiny piece of plastic to make it slightly longer than it is wide. Previously, the design was almost square in dimension meaning a nano-SIM of said design could be jammed sideways into a device and potentially rendered inoperable — a direct violation of the governing body’s (ETSI) standards/guidelines and a reason for Nokia to argue against Apple’s nano-SIM design in favor of their own.

Comparing the current micro-SIM to the new nano-SIM design shows that the two are hardly different at all. We’re looking at a couple millimeters here at best. But in the age of the ever-shrinking mobile device, sometimes fractions of millimeters make all the difference.

More images of the Apple backed nano-SIM design over at The Verge.