Apple Will Offer Refunds To Australian iPad 3 Customers Who Feel “Mislead”.

Are you an Australian who was misled by Apple and duped into buying a WiFi + “4G” iPad that is anything but in your homeland? You’re entitled to a refund, this according to the Sunday Morning Herald.

One solution that was reputedly given to Apple after the brouhaha that erupted earlier today was to have Apple apply warning/notice stickers to all Australian-bound 3rd-gen iPads, though Apple struck down such a plan as “too cumbersome”. Instead, Apple will be offering refunds to any Australian customers who feel they were legitimately mislead.

On one hand, we want to criticize the Australian government because Apple’s box clearly states simply “4G” and not “4G HSPA+” or “4G LTE” and also singles out U.S. based AT&T and Verizon Wireless networks as well as Canaidan carriers Bell, Rogers and Tesla as the only carriers where the new iPad will support LTE. However, after a heated minute it dawns on us — Australia’s gov’t and governing bodies for wireless communication in the country are doing it right.

They’re saying flat out that HSPA+ is not a 4G technology and shouldn’t be considered as such (much like it was in the U.S. until last year). In that light, Apple’s WiFi + 4G model really does as “misleading” (at least initially) as the only LTE support is outside of the country.

Besides offering refunds, Apple’s Paul Anastassiou told the Federal Court in Melbourne today that Apple will fight any legal accusations that they are being misled by claiming that their use of “4G” to describe HSPA+ networks is a globally recognized term.

So… yay Australia?
Source: Sydney Morning Herald