Asetek Prototype Could Finally Pave The Way For Mainstream Liquidcooling In Laptops

Liquid cooling your computer hardware is something that has been reserved for full-size desktops. Laptops with watercooling have never caught on for a number of reasons, though the most significant include size and price. In regards to size, coolant reservoirs typically take up quite a bit of space. Asetek may have found a way to make it work though. The company unveiled a new slim form-factor liquid cooling system that provides significantly better cooling performance. The prototype used was fitted into an Alienware M18x gaming laptop, and was able to push the CPU from 3.5GHz to 4.4GHz and the GPU from 680 MHz up to 800 MHz. Asetek maintains that such speed increases would not have been possible under a traditional heatsink and fan setup.

One other side effect of using a liquid cooling system like Asetek’s prototype – quieter laptops. One of the biggest knocks against any laptop (in our book) is one with super noisy fans, which ultimately are brought on by heat/poor cooling. Also, there are several of them in a typical laptop. With Asetek’s liquid cooling system in place you can use a single loop/system to cool numerous parts of the laptop, and do so passively without the need for fans, or at the very worst, a smaller/slower/quieter fan than what we’re used to today.

Sounds like something we’d love to have. You? Check out the video for some eye candy and more brain food.


Source: Asetek | Via: Geek

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    That’s an interesting replacement for the traditional cooling fans that our laptops usually have.