AT&T Gains FCC Approval For Spectrum Transfer To T-Mobile.

After a failed attempt to swallow up T-Mobile USA, AT&T was forced to hand
over $3 billion in cash and dole out spectrum to T-Mobile for the hassle.
While the cash exchange has already taken place, additional spectrum
(perhaps more valuable) was held up by the FCC, awaiting a final “OK”.

Today, that chunk of “break-up” spectrum was officially passed by the FCC
meaning T-Mobile can further developer their network and prepare for their
LTE launch in the coming 12-18 months.

For T-Mobile, the road to next-gen wireless has been a bumpy one. An
obvious lack of funds and spectrum meant the carrier decided to continually
upgrade their already deployed HSPA+ network from 7.2 Mbps to 14.4 Mbps, 21
Mbps, and in some areas 42 Mbps. While there is far more to next-gen
wireless than pure speed alone, T-Mobile’s efforts are certainly noble.
Their HSPA+ network is neck and neck, and in some instances, faster than
VZW’s LTE network — network that is built upon a newer, more modern
technology. More recently, however, T-Mobile’s HSPA+-only tune has changed
thanks in part to the $3 billion donation from AT&T. And with today’s
approval by the FCC, the process for T-Mobile to begin re-farming of their
current 3G network for LTE’s eventual rollout is one step closer.


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