AT&T HTC One X Benchmarked. Even Without Tegra 3 It’s Still Way Faster Than Your Phone.

20120410-133821.jpgThe HTC One X is probably one of the few Android devices that people are literally on the edge of their seat for. The only other biggie we can think of at the moment is the Galaxy S III. But since Samsung has thus far neglected to share any meaningful info with us, it’s more waiting and more focusing on the competition. And so here were are with the HTC One X. This high-end “rebirth” of the HTC design/engineering mantra is both good looking and powerful — depending on where you life. You see, the European One X gets the quad-core Tegra 3 processor everyone is talking about combined with HSPA+ while the U.S. version drops the Tegra 3 for a Snapdragon S4 dual-core humming along at 1.5 GHz and LTE. The reason: Nvidia’s Tegra platform doesn’t support LTE chipsets (and won’t until ~mid-2013).

While the loss of two cores might seem like a catastrophic failure, it’s really not too bad. A new video has surfaced showing the One X going through an array of benchmarks and quite simply wiping the floor. Current favorites like the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II are no match for the One X’s Snapdragon. We could go on but we’re sure the 11-minute benchmark bonanza will be much more meaningful and enjoyable.



Via: Wireless Goodness