AT&T: “Verizon’s first 4G phones are going to suck, resemble fat bricks”. Me: “Good! No more clam handing…”

Say what you will, 4G is coming this year to the masses (relatively). It’s going to be awesome. Sure, 1st gen products are usually just betas. But are you going to sit there and tell me you’re going to pass up a chance to pick up a 4G phone, whatever it may be, and be part of the “exclusive” first 4G crowd? I know I want to be. To me, and you, and probably a few others, Verizon’s late-2010 4G rollout is the beginning of exciting stuff. For AT&T, it’s another reason to cut the other guy down (as every carrier does).

In AT&T’s eyes, Verizon’s early lead doesn’t mean anything most notably because the phones themselves are going to suck. At least from the start. Big Blue goes on rationalizing their position saying that because of the insane power requirements for the blazing fast 4G waves, the phones will either (1) last 20 minutes on a charge when actually being used or (2) be “fat bricks”.

Now, the term “fat brick” is pretty relative as is “thin”. In the case of the iPhone 3G, I hear people constantly saying how they love how super thin it is and even would be interested in a thinner model. I guess I’m one of a dying breed who prefers my phone to be thicker than a piece of paper and not have to worry about snapping it in half when I sneeze on it. Apparently I’m old. Not to mention, holding these molecule thin phones is far from comfortable. I don’t have big hands — far from it — but clam handing these pieces of plastic day in and day out is starting to get annoying.

So, if Verizon’s first 4G phones are “fat bricks” — good. I could use a little mass in my mobile life. All too often manufacturers get fixated on jumping on this stupid thin is in bandwagon when doing something as simple as sticking a larger battery inside would add a much greater value. But I digress…

As we come upon the 4G rollout, I’ll happily sit back and bask in the limelight while holding my two fat bricks. Care to join me?

  • Jesus

    I’m currently installing and designing the LTE network for Verizon and it’s just about finished now. They already ran a soft launch in 2 markets and will have the switch flipped early 2011. The dual chip set is already in production and will be the main reason for phone shortages when they do release the first LTE phone. My name really isnt Jesus and my email address is bunk so I dont get in trouble. At&t have just started to upgrade their network and wont be able to support 4G until early 2012 at best. So At&t can say all they want but they will be the 2nd to last to join the next gen. Tmob is clueless and wont have next gen ever. At&t just increased their early cancellation fee because they know when Verizon gets LTE up and Iphone out its all over for At&t. Dont believe me, wait and see.

    • Mike

      Well alrighty then. Why not send me an email so we can chat…

  • jsmooth

    i have verizon since 04 i may have had to call in twice and the only reason i have to go into the store is to check out phones i have the moto droid and i love it i have no problems and i hope that ill be able to use is this droid or the droid 2 on LTE i am excited and verizons service is the best on the market i have maybe droped 8 calls maybe the whole time i had verizon and if all you can say is i can talk and surf then thats just sad

  • rustman

    Fuck AT&T. I have been and always will be a loyal Verizon customer, I have had ZERO problems with both reception and customer service. They deserve to be ranked best in the nation. The ONLY reason AT&T was so popular was… can you guess? Let me think… the iPhone [gasp]. And gee… everyone is so bent on having an iPhone that they don’t realize that AT&T shitty network can’t handle it. “Oooo… we can talk and surf the web at the same time.” Who fucking cares? I’m not a needy person like you idiots are, I will either talk or surf separately, works for me.