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An Unexpected Marketing Campaign via Social Media

Blue Nile is using social media to its advantage by creating a fun and interactive way to promote their engagement rings. “Are You Manly Enough?” No, I’m not questioning you, that is the name of their new marketing campaign.

The campaign is encouraging men to submit a story or a video showing their masculinity and why they deserve to win. The winner receives a free Blue Nile engagement ring and a trip to Manhattan with their significant other to propose at the Nasdaq’s opening bell on Black Friday.

Blue Nile’s ad promoting the sweepstakes has been uploaded on YouTube and Funny or Die’s site. They also used their Facebook page to get the word out to the 116,364 people who “Like” the page and countless others who view it.

When you think about advertisements for jewelry the first thought that comes to mind is probably of a cheesy commercial you saw or a straight forward ad telling you the price. Blue Nile took this “Are You Manly Enough” campaign in a completely different direction by adding humor and encouraging people to actively participate. They understood that using social media for an ad campaign would require a different approach for a few different reasons…
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The Evolving World of Software

Computing has experienced profound advancements in the decades since the first building-sized, vacuum tube-powered computers were developed in the mid-20th century. The huge leaps made in hardware, from the integrated circuit to the microprocessor to the continuing development of newer, smaller, faster components, have made sure that software development and distribution has changed rapidly as well. It’s mind boggling to think how far we’ve come in a relatively short 30-40 years…
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What We Can Learn From Steve Jobs’ Passing

Many were upset by the passing of Steve Jobs on October 5th and understandably so. Jobs was a force in the tech world whose innovation will become legendary. Jobs did a lot with his time, but his death still leaves a bitter taste in many mouths. One can’t help but wonder what else was up this creative genius’s sleeve or what might have been if he had been able to continue innovating for just a few more years.

Jobs died from complications with pancreatic cancer. He had been diagnosed in 2003. Generally, the outlook for pancreatic cancer is grim but Jobs had a less-aggressive type. He did not receive radiation or chemotherapy but did have the tumor removed in 2004. The surgery was successful, but two years later Jobs still appeared gaunt when he delivered the 2006 keynote for the Worldwide Developer’s Conference. By 2008 stockholders were demanding information of Job’s health feeling that the value of Apple hinged on Job’s ability to perform. In response, and signature Jobs brashness, he ended a 2008 Apple Event with a slide reporting his blood pressure. Normalcy appeared to be returning…
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Facebook: Getting Cozier With Developers

Last Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg and company delivered a thorough preview of the future direction of Facebook, the world’s most popular social media site. The site will see a drastic change in the next few months. Its purpose will not be different, but they way that users interact with the new tools will surely change the scope of Facebook. The powerful addition of a timeline, verbs and apps will spell opportunities for social media innovation, iPhone app development and tons of new ways for users to interact…
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Keep Tabs on Your Home Security from Your Smartphone

As the saying goes, there’s a mobile application for nearly anything lately, from those for music like Shazam to social check-in sites like Foursquare. Mobile apps also include innovative platforms that help homeowners monitor their property when they’re away. One such product is ADT Pulse, an iPhone app that is part of the ADT home security line of merchandise. Given Pulse’s capabilities, it would seem the chance to become an overlord just became a little bit easier.

Around one year old, ADT’s Pulse allows homeowners to arm and disarm their alarm systems from remote locations, survey rooms in the home via live video, raise or lower the thermostat’s temperature, adjust the lights, and even receive alerts via text message, such as notifications of a perimeter breach. The app is widely accessible, allowing users to do their monitoring from a laptop, a mobile browser, or their iPhones. According to Forbes, the complete Pulse package starts at $1,200, along with a $57/month fee. While the premier version of the app is hardly a steal, it might just prevent a robbery and that’s value that simply can’t be overlooked…
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GS Tips: Moving All Your Gadgets

Changing residences or offices can be a very exciting time, given all the ‘new’ you’re surrounded with, but it’s crucial to keep your wits about you when preparing for a move. Faster than you might believe, a plan that seemed flawless can go awry, just as the seemingly organized can easily get disordered. Enlisting the help of friends who are sticklers for detail, as well as the professional services offered by moving companies, can help you keep everything in line. Begin a move with a clear idea of what should happen when and find your way to your new location with few problems.

Hop inside for a few tips on keeping your sanity (and gadgets) in check…
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Working with Cloud Computing

The advent of cloud computing has made storage and backup much easier for businesses worldwide. The service allows users to increase their data capacity without a major upheaval to their daily operations, such as finding the necessary time and money to adapt to a spike in website traffic. Whether a company is a one-person operation or employs hundreds, cloud computing is a valuable resource.

Given that all businesses from cottage industries to corporations have data storage needs, cloud computing is a welcome addition when it comes to the convenience of office life. Cloud computing applications do not require individual setup – that is, tech support will not need to install a series of apps on every computer in a department. This move towards greater mobility offers users the freedom of not being tethered to one single computer. Projects can be worked on and/or completed from a remote location, as users need only an Internet connection to access their files…
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