Ballistic Unveils New LS Smooth iPhone 4S Case.

Accident prone and not exactly in the mood to smash that fancy glass encased iPhone 4/4S of yours? Then check out Ballistic’s new(ish) LS Smooth cases. Like the slightly older LS case, Ballistic tried to combine thinness and robust protection into one, while also adding a new smooth finish. Ballistic has also outfitted the LS Smooth with interchangeable corner plates to give it that little extra bit of personality. Case colors include: Black, charcoal, hot pink, purple and orange. Each case comes with 16 interchangeable caps in four separate colors.

$29.99 is roughly the going rate for a mid to higher-end iPhone case. That said, we have a sample in route and will report back within the next week on our thoughts of Ballistic’s latest addition.

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