Macbook users have come to depend on their digital appendage just as if it were a real attached limb. It offers a good balance of price, power, and looks all wrapped in a nice little aluminum package. The screen is crisp, the processor fast, and the speakers suck..wait what? Yes, the speakers on pretty much any Apple laptop suck. They’re tinny and lifeless, lacking any midrange or bottom end whatsoever. But a new accessory made specially for Mac laptops, the “BassJump”, looks to be quite the worthy upgrade to any music lover finding their Macbook’s sound merely adequate. Keeping mobile users in mind, this portable sub woofer is powered solely by the USB cable so any extra cables and weight can be left at home. As far as getting the sonic goods to your ears, the BassJump makes use of proprietary software that remixes all of the audio and routes standard frequencies to the normal speakers and lower frequencies to the ‘Jump. Think it’s worth the $80 admission charge? The sonic lover in me is leaning towards yes.