BBC Online to go on diet plan?

Here in the states, media moguls are actively looking for ways to set up paywalls, decrease ease of use, and overall stifle innovation and the flow of information via the declining greatness called “the internet”. BBC is a European media giant and one of the best shining examples of how free news works. Well, it isn’t exactly “free” in the sense that it’s state funded. Still, end users don’t actively pay up to read as no unsightly paywall is blocking access. However, that could all change soon as complaints increase against the media giant. You see, because it is state funded, having such a wide reach of content (a dominating reach at that) is setting the site up for anti-trust and monopoly concerns. So much so that BBC chairman Sir Michael Lyons has stated that “they” are actively looking at areas of BBC Online that can be scaled back while not diluting the brand or service as a whole. A mighty tough claim as the removal of any feature often results in less functionality or usability.

In an age where stubborn and backwards thinking businesses are rushing to their old comfort of charging through the nose for everything, seeing BBC even contemplating lightening it’s load for any reasons is slightly disheartening. Any UK readers want to weight in further?