Be the envy of the office and geek crowd alike: The iMac G4 Lamp.

  • February 10, 2010 2:07 pm

Need another Mac inspired gadget/piece of furniture/custom electronic to really set the tone and prove to the world you’re no ordinary geek? Right, onward then. A few days back we mentioned the iBook G4 clock,a nifty little piece of custom work in that it made use of an old iBook for it’s parts. This “recycling” of sorts makes the planet a little less polluted and of course makes whomever owns an iBook G4 clock a lot nicer to look at. It’s a win win for everyone. But what if you want more geeky custom gadgets strewn about your home or office?

That’s where the iMac G4 lamp comes in. This lamp, made from a recycled iMac G4 (duh), features a minimalistic yet visually simulating form that begs to be included in your office front and center. Buying one pre-made from Etsy will set you back $125. It’s a little steep for a lamp. Though this isn’t your typical lamp nor are spare parts for building said lamp readily (or cheaply) available. I think it’s worth the price for a bit of added geek image, don’t you?

[Product Page: Etsy — “randall180”]

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