BeejiveIM now available for iPhone!!



IM+ and can officially call it quits and bow to the supreme! BeejiveIM is officially out for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Coming from the Blackberry world, I used and loved Beejive (formerly Jivetalk) for everything…including sending text messages to keep my text message plan down. It was by far the best muli-IM client for Blackberry. And now the best has come to iPhone. So far every multi-chat client for iPhone has fallen short. Plaringo and IM+ can step aside now. What makes Beejive so great you ask?

Well for starters, it is extremely polished and smooth, no hangups or anything. Support for just about every chat service known to man kind. (Aim/mobileme, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, MyspaceIM, ICQ ad Jabber. It uses your data plan, NOT text’s so you can lower your texting plan and save money! Battery friendly, won’t drain your battery like many other apps. The developers of Beejive already have the background push notification service built in. It is ready to go as soon as Apple flips the switch on their side. But, until they do the Beejive developers have gone one step further and included instant notification by push email (requires mobileme or Exchange/ActiveSync account). BeejiveIM includes landscape mode for when you just want to type on a larger keyboard…!! Chat History, email chat logs to save chat history. SMS out, chat with SMS friends through AIM or Yahoo SMS out, it’s fully integrated with your iPhone/iPod Touch address book. You also get configurable alerts, customizable sound and vibrate settings, and buddy icon support.

While it is a little more pricey than the “other” multi-chat iPhone apps, it is by far the best of the bunch AND it’s cheaper than all other versions for other mobile operating systems! After using it for the last several hours I can tell you that Beejive truly delivers. It’s fast, stable, and has a sleek UI. It is my new #1 favorite iPhone app.

source: Boygeniusreport, beejive