Belkin Pimps It’s New Thunderbolt Express Dock At IDF.

With the partnership between Apple and Intel barreling through the tech world at lightning speeds, so making sure we stay connected at these speeds is a plus. With Apple equipping Thunderbolt on it’s latest round of refreshes, it isn’t out of the norm for companies to jump on the bandwagon of peripherals to keep us connected.

Just as it was when Apple rocked FireWire years ago, and just like USB 3.0 will soon start to catch on – we are left with only a few items that are able to utilize the blazing loud thunder clapping speeds on our shiny new MacBook Airs. But don’t worry folks, Belkin is here to save the day!

Hop on in to read all about it!


Belkin had their latest peripheral sporting a wide array of ports at this year’s IDF. The Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock is a sexy little dock that will compliment anyone’s iMagic. The dock sports the iMac’s boot style stand on the top and bottom with the tiny port dock in between.

The Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock features three USB ports, a Thunderbolt port for daisy chaining, a Firewire port, and a GbE port. This is basically the same port setup that’s found on the new 27” Apple Thunderbolt Display.

If your pockets aren’t lined with enough dough to float the latest Apple Display but still would like the port functionality, this will be the next best thing (read: not really). Don’t get us wrong – it’s pretty, but without a price tag and no word if a pricy Thunderbolt cable will be included, we really aren’t too sure if it’s worth it.

We’ll try to get a review version to test with our shiny new Airs, and hopefully be able to fully recommend another peripheral that matches our slew of Apple computers.

Source: Daily-Tech