BerryWeather for Blackberry [Review]


Blackberry users who enjoy a “deeper-than-average” weather forecast on their addictive devices will find that BerryWeather, while not perfect, brings a lot to the table. Is it enough to part with $10 of your hard earned money? If you can live without a dedicated radar and a few inconsistencies between the in-app temperature/condition current forecast and the homescreen icon’s display of temp/forecast, you’re already winning half the battle. The second half deals more with how deep your love for eye candy is as well as your affinity for weather info such as temperature, dewpoint, windspeed, and more, then BerryWeather is just the weather program for you. Overall, I give BerryWeather a 4.5/5 stars as the lack of radar keeps this BB Weather app from taking the “perfect” score.

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  • LarryMcJ

    Being a paid customer of BerryWeather is a bitter-sweet deal. You have the best BlackBerry weather app available, but half the time it doesn’t work because of updating problems and developer support is completely non-existent. Given the opportunity, I’d gladly take a lesser quality weather app that at least responded to support emails, requests for help in their support forums, or anything…other than silence. I can only blame myself as I read hundreds of comments about the pitiful support for this product and the updating problems, but still, the developer should be ashamed to take everyone’s money and then not offer one bit of support for the product.

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