Better late than never: Zune HD 64 appears, disappears just as quickly. Google cache prevails yet again. [Update: Pricing and release date info]

Update: Hot of the press — Looks like the Zune HD 64 will retail for $350 and become available April 12th. Current 16GB and 32GB models will also see some lovin’ in the form of a $20 price drop. Interest piqued? (Engadget)

Whether or not you were left with a slightly bitter taste in your mouth back when Microsoft announced the Zune HD 16 and 32GB mp3 players, dropping the ball for audio aficionados in not offering a higher capacity 64GB option, it doesn’t matter anymore. At least it soon won’t matter. A slip up last night left a “64GB” link appearing nicely below the current 16 and 32GB Zune HD choices on the Zune HD webpage. Obviously Microsoft has a nice little bun in the oven, albeit grossly past it’s due date.

The link is now gone, but Google cache has left it’s presence in the modern world alive and well. Hopefully M get’s this thing out the door fairly quick as they’re already months behind schedule in the high capacity flash media player department. Having a 64GB Zune HD might be just the ticket to swaying a few potential iPod buyers in their direction. Does a 64GB Zune HD sound interesting to you? If it’s priced right (read: less than the 64GB iPod Touch’s $399) I’d be more than happy to give one a home. And the waiting game begins…

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  • Tony

    $399?? Try $342 on for 64gb iPod Touch. Better beat that Microsoft

    • Mike

      Got me there. $342 is quite the deal for a 64GB flash player. Common sense would put a 64GB Zune HD at $299 (with other models obviously being adjusted accordingly) if they really want to make a statement. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.