Blackberry 8900 landing at T-Mobile a week early?


Engadget Mobile says Yes!  They have received a copy of the 8900′s release page showing a release date of February 11th, a whole week earlier than the original release date of February 18th!  This kind of thing doesn’t happen very often folks.  Usually the outcome and our smiles are facing the other way!  It is a nice surprise when things come early.  Now all you ladies and gentlemen have time to buy it and give it to your significant other for Valentines Day.  I know I’d much rather have a cool new gadget to play with instead of chocolate. The chocolate will just make me fat and the gadget….well ok, it could go that way too.  But that is beside the point. T-Mobile. February 11th.  Blackberry 8900 coming to us!


Source:  Engadget Mobile