BlackBerry App Store

In an effort to keep up with Apple and Google, RIM is working on pushing out their own app store specifically for Blackberry.  With the mobile market becoming more and more saturated with Mobile internet users, mobile app stores are going to be the next BIG thing!  One difference between Apple and RIM’s app store is that RIM will let developers keep 80% of the revenue differing from Apple’s 75% for developers, and will be using paypal for transactions.  Developers can began submitting apps for the Blackberry Storefront (launch: March 2009) beginning in December.  Another difference between Apple’s and RIM’s approach is RIM’s store will be carrier-customized.  This can be seen as a blessing and a curse.  A blessing in that individual carriers can build some really cool apps for Blackberry users.  On the other (and more likely hand) they will use it to lock down outside developers.  For example, some independent developer makes an awesome GPS app, only to have it rejected or removed from the Blackberry Storefront because AT&T partnered with Telenav for exclusive rights for GPS apps.  See where this goes!  Bickering aside, the release of the Blackberry Storefront will be a much welcome addition to the world of Blackberry!

source:  Engadget