Blackberry Storm Video

Anyone following the blackberry camp already knows about RIM’s little answer to the iPhone…the Blackberry Storm.  It is RIM’s first touchscreen blackberry and direct competitor with Apple’s iPhone.  Early on, there have been reports of UI problems as well as the general consensus (from what I’ve gathered) that the virtual keyboard sucks.  Check the link below at crackberry which shows the elusive Storm at around the 2:55 mark: blackberry-thunder-storm-caught-video

On a happier note..RIM finally unveiled the Blackberry Pearl 8220 Flip!  T-mobile will be the first US carrier to get a slice of the early 90′s flip phone pie.  You have to admit…it is pretty cool for a flip phone, if not a little on the chunky side.

source: boygeniusreport, crackberry