I for one hardly ever talk on the phone. In fact, I hate talking on the phone. Call me impersonal and too caught up in the fast paced lane of life but I prefer texting, email, and IM’ing to talking any day. For me its a convenience thing. For some however, they may not have a choice. The things we do with our cellphones everyday we often take for granted. The visually impaired often have trouble doing even the most basic things on cellphones because cellphones simply weren’t designed for them. That was until the Braille concept phone was thought up. The phone uses a special “screen” that will “display” raised bumps that those who can read Braille can read and respond to just like those without sight problems. The benefit of having such a device for those who can’t see is monumental. They can finally text like us ocular rockers! Step inside for several slides breaking down the phone as well as the conversion of normal texts and messages into the Braille form.


IntoMobile, Tuvie