Buyer Beware: Tiny Wings Impostor Hits Android Market.

Android users jealous of iOS’ hit mobile game, “Tiny Wings”, were no doubt briefly relieved to find the app had been ported over to their platform of choice with a reasonable price of $0.99. The only problem is that the honeymoon quickly wore off as people realized that it wasn’t actually a legitimate port, and instead an impostor.

The real developer behind Tiny Wings goes by the name of Andreas Illiger. The Android version, however, is being sold by “Andofications”. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the port is a massive piece of junk. 1-star reviews are about all you’ll find littering the game’s space in the Android Market. Add to that the final cherry on top — the game screenshots are nothing but iOS screenshots.

Being open has many pros. Though in this case the “open” nature of Google’s Android Market and lack of any review process means things slip through the cracks as they have in this instance. Just remember, the next time you see a popular game from another platform jump into *insert platform of choice here*, make sure it’s legit before clicking on “Buy”.

Source: PocketGamer
Via: ElectricPig