Buzzkill: Kindle Fire 6.2 Update Removes Root. (But You Can Re-root)

It appears Amazon is taking an Apple-like approach to Android root users of the new Kindle Fire tablet. The latest Kindle Fire 6.2 update not only adds vaguely worded “improvements”, it removes the root permissions. But don’t worry. It’s not all bad. You can update to 6.2 and then re-root using the same method that got you to your freed state pre-6.2.

There are also reports that the Android Market is removed, though it doesn’t happen on ever device and any apps downloaded via the Android Market reportedly still function.

We only wish the Kindle Fire had an option to disable auto-updating. While the ability to re-root dramatically lessens the impact for root users, future updates may not be so accommodating.

With that said, the necessary tools to re-root your Kindle Fire can be found right over here.

Via: LiliPuting, AndroidPolice