Caleb Daniels

Raised in a family that had roots in all sorts of technology, I always had an interest all sorts of devices. Ever since the second iPod Touch, I started collecting Apple products. In my spare time, I write, take pictures, program, and design things. Alternatively, I’m interested in music, tattoos, fine art, classical literature, and debate.

There’s a lot about me that people find interesting. Interesting may not always be the appropriate word; people always find something about me that stands out. For example, throughout the past few weeks, everybody I know has been commenting on how I walk. Aside from being extremely irrelevant to this tech based site, my walk is not even interesting.

Getting past that, I enjoy technology to a greater degree than most people do. I actually enjoy being involved with numerous glowing rectangles. Writing about them is another hoppy that, in my spare time, I find rather pleasant.

When I’m not in my spare time, I’m writing for my own site, in school, watching something, listening to music, drawing, or sleeping. Every once in a while, I make an app. That, I only do because most people don’t.