Camera/Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop Hybrid Concept Makes Our Innards Ooze With Glee.

Gadgets are becoming so multifunctional these days it’s almost as if we’re loosing borders between distinct product categories. While in some senses it can be seen as bad, we generally think it’s a good direction to go towards. Why carry 10 devices when 1 can do everything just as well? Unfortunately, that 1 miracle device has yet to arrive. Smartphones and tablets are a good start, but there’s something still missing.

Whatever it is that is missing we’re not quite sure. But maybe, just maybe the camera/phone/tablet/laptop hybrid “Fujitsu Lifebook” concept by designer Prashant Chandr will finally usher into “that” era. Dreams aside, Chandr’s concept is based around “shared hardware”. For example: when docked to the laptop, the tablet becomes a full QWERTY keyboard. On top of becoming a keyboard, the tablet can either help assist the laptop either with hardware power or offloading processes as well as fully taking over should it need to. Pretty awesome, eh?

We’ll let your eyes do the real investigating. Check out the real (or not) life Laptabphone after the break…

  • Source YankoDesign
  • Via CrazyEngineers | Geekologie
    • Jennaalstad

      Where the hell can you get one?!

    • Jordan Carpenter

      Holy crap that’s sexy