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ShortcutMe for Blackberry [Review] – Free licenses [Update]

  • May 26, 2009 3:00 am


**Update: All licenses gone

If you are the type of peson who finds the Blackberry shortcuts merely adequate or even insufficient for your needs, you my friend have an addiction.  An addiction that modern science and medicine cannot cure.  So what is a person to do?  You could always set time limits for your Berry usage.  You could give it up all together (thought that is a bit extreme).  Lastly and more importantly, you can make use of a great little tool…”ShortcutMe”, an amazing, easy to use shortcut application that allows you to set practically limitless (as there aren’t /that/ many BB apps) shortcuts. So what exactly can you do with shortcut me?  How can this shorcut app make your life with your Berry even more productive and easier?


iPhone App review: Scrabble *Updated*

  • March 24, 2009 9:37 am


*Updated on 3/24/09 for latest 1.1.88 Scrabble update…updated section is at the bottom following original review*

I know the iPhone version of Scrabble has been out for a quite a while now but I have spent a great deal of time playing it and felt I should write a review of my own.  If you like words, play the board game of Scrabble and own an iPhone, you must get the iPhone version.  Besides the fact that you don’t have to lug out a board and keep track of a billion little tiles, being able to play against a partner and lay down on the couch will even being in different rooms adds a whole new level of fun to the game.  It is definitely worth the $7.99!  Read on for the full review!  

Corsair Flash Voyager 32GB (Review)

  • March 7, 2009 9:00 am


Flash memory is falling in price faster than Michael Jackson’s bank account to a point where you can now economically replace your standard mechanical computer hard drive with solid state drives (SSD).  Flash drives, because they are smaller, will always cost slightly more than their more “desktop” sized counterparts as miniaturized parts require special development and manufacturing.  Thankfully, flash drives (thumb sticks, thumb drive, pen drive, call it what you want) are quickly increasing in capacity while prices are falling.  Just a couple years ago, an 8GB flash drive could set you back $40-$60.  The 32GB Corsair Flash Voyager I just purchased was only $56 after shipping.  Soon we will have multi terabyte flash drives toting around music, movie, and picture collections from our entire lives all in the palm of our hand.  So after that lengthy intro, how does the Flash Voyager fair…?  Come inside for the full reivew!


PPC Locking HDMI Cable (Review)

  • February 21, 2009 10:45 am


HDMI cables aren’t exactly the most resilient connector in the cable world as they are easily knocked loose meaning you will spend many minutes of your life plugging a cable back into your device over and over again.  For some, they don’t really care, but for others, that’s where the locking HDMI cable by PPC comes in.  Built specifically for the home video enthusiast who needs a strong and reliable yet good quality cable, the World’s FIRST Locking HDMI cable by PPC will surely suit your needs.  Come inside for a jam packed gallery as well as my initial impressions.


iLeopard gives OS X a new, darker lease on life.

  • February 20, 2009 11:47 pm


Is the Aqua style on Leopard mixed with the flat style of iTunes combined with the other UI inconsistencies driving you crazy?  Think back a couple years to when every one in the Mac world was speculating about what UI changes Leopard would bring to the OS X world.  Coming from the Aqua style of Tiger, many thought Apple would tone it down about in the UI department cutting out some of the “shine” and “gloss”.  However, judgement day came and Leopard was just as shiny as ever, if not more shiny than previous versions of the OS from the big fruit.  Fast forward and the same rumors are floating around about Snow Leopard.  iTunes 7 brough with it a new look that many though would mingle its way throughout the rest of OS X, a more subdued “flatter”, matte appearance.  Those people are still waiting.



The “Mobile Rak” by New PC Gadgets (Review)

  • February 18, 2009 12:47 pm


If you’ve stumbled upon this site, I’m sure you are a self proclaimed nerd, geek, techie, call it whatever you want, you’re here and that means you like gadgets.  Now, I also know that you have at least a couple gadgets that you carry with you or use at least several times a day.  Let’s take for example your typical Mp3 player/phone/laptop sync scenario.  When it comes time to sync your gadgets with the mother ship, you end up with a mess of wires and gadgets laying everywhere.  Not exactly the ideal set up.  If this is close to the reality you live everyday, New PC Gadgets would like to speak with you.  They have come up with a clever and simple solution for all of your mother ship syncing encounters called the “Mobile Rak”.  The Mobile Rak allows you to connect and sync your devices and kep them neatly organized.  Interested?  Is your inner geek intrigued?  Step inside for the full review complete with pictures galore!


Logitech MX Revolution Review

  • January 5, 2009 8:59 pm

img_5718In my quest for the perfect wireless mouse I have spent many hours at Best Buy, Circuit City, Radio Shack, etc.  You  name the electronics store and I’ve been there.  At first, I wanted to get a bluetooth mouse as to free up a USB port on my Mac Book Pro because we all know the MBP is just loaded with them /sarcasm.  Back on topic.  After testing out many models, and reading many reviews I decided against a bluetooth mouse for a few couple reasons.  One, they aren’t as smooth. I would be moving the mouse across the screen only to have it jump randomly for a second or two.  It would go on these random outbursts every 10 to 15 minutes.  Als0, for some reason the bluetooth mice kept disconnecting, if only for a split second, still it was a pain.  After eliminating bluetooth mice, my selection to choose from became substantially longer.  I have had my eye on the MX Revolution for over a year now but have held off largely due to the $100+ asking price.  It wasn’t until a few days after Christmas where I discovered it on sale in Best Buy at $50, plus a $30 gift card made the mouse only $20 in hard cash.  A sweet deal indeed.    

SimCity iPhone App Review

  • December 29, 2008 11:11 pm


In follow up to a shorter, earlier post, I will be going deeper into the new SimCity game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

I have been a big SimCity groupie since I first played SimCity 2000 many years ago.  Since then I have had spurts of weeks on and months off, as the more I play, the less I leave my house.  SimCity returns with a great iPhone version that doesn’t disappoint.  

Apple In-Ear Headphones Review

  • December 24, 2008 8:15 pm


*The actual review is mine…but I have used the pictures from Engadget’s hands-on review because my camera is out of commission at the moment so I don’t really have a choice, plus, I’m pretty sure the ear-phones will look the same in my hands as theirs.  Not much changes.*

As I’ve mentioned in other articles I am almost obsessed with music and sound quality in regard to headphones.  I’ve had at least half a dozen ear phones in the last 2 years.  Over that time I have determined the sound signature that I like.  I have also learned of what qualities I dislike and want to avoid.  When Apple announced their new In-Ear Earphones with dual drives for only $79 I was highly intrigued.  Currently the next closest dual drive ear-phone is around $150 I believe.  So, at $79 they were practically a steal.  The basic look of the headphones is very smooth and clean.  The lighter colors that they used for the ear tips will show dirt fairly quickly so if ear wax and dirt visible on your ear tips turns you off you may want to steer clear.  They come with 3 pairs of ear tips: small, medium, and large.  I have found that the medium ear tips fit the best for me and create the best seal.  Compared to shures and ultimate ear’s ear tips, I would have to say that I prefer Apples only because they are softer and squishier, creating a better seal.  My 5 pro’s ear tips are harder and I’m constantly adjusting the right ear phone because it is always losing its seal no matter what size ear tips I use.