How Important Is Nokia To Windows Phone? (They Just Became Largest Windows Vendor After One Quarter.)

Critics of Microsoft and Nokia’s partnership have said that the Finnish giant’s design prowess will do little for Windows Phone as a whole. But according to Strategy Analytics market researching firm, said critics couldn’t be more wrong. The outfit released data today on a recent study of Windows Phone 7 device marketshare and found that after a single quarter, Nokia had taken top spot — even considering their only two devices, the Lumia 710 and 800,…

Get Android 4.0 ICS On Your Sony Xperia Arc S, Neo V Or Ray Right Now! [Beta]

Sony Xperia owners of the Xperia Arc S, Neo V or Ray can now download Android 4.0 ICS. But be forewarned, it’s an early beta that Sony’s recommends for “advanced developers only”. For example, WiFi and Bluetooth functionality as well as Google Apps and the Android Market aren’t available in this particular beta — rough stuff indeed. That said, the type of people that frequent GS (and similar sights) usually throw such cautions to the wind….

Samsung To Release “Galaxy B” Smartphone With New Bezel-less Display In Q2/Q3.

Samsung’s upcoming “Galaxy B” handset is going to have one exclusive feature over the competition, according to the Maeli Business Newspaper in Korea. The new feature: a bezel-less display with absolutely nothing hugging the screen on the left or right sides and only a small border on the top and bottom for the obvious things such as microphone and cellular radios. Beyond the paper’s claim, not much else is known about either the Galaxy B itself or…

Apple Forced To Temporarily Disable MobileMe And iCloud Push Email In Germany.

Apple Forced To Temporarily Disable MobileMe And iCloud Push Email In Germany.

The ongoing legal battle between Motorola and Apple in Germany over iCloud push email hit a new milestone today — with Apple being the loser. In a newly updated support document, Apple states that “due to patent litigation with Motorola, Mobile Me users in Germany are temporarily unable to use push Mobileme or iCloud email”. Other features such as calendars, contacts, etc. are still active and outside of the scope of the lawsuit. Naturally, Apple has…

Samsung Unveils Next Gen 28nm Exynos Dual And Quad Core Processors.

The ever changing mobile world is only as awesome as the processors that power them. And even though Nvidia’s Tegra 3 silicon is the current limelight thief, Samsung’s new dual and quad-core Exynos CPUs could prove even better. For starters, the new chips are built on a 32nm die compared to the outgoing Exynos line’s 45nm size. The simple die shrink alone means more performance and better efficiency. It’s like having cake and getting to eat it to….

New Box Update Gives Android Users Free 50 GB Of Storage (Plus New 4.0 Friendly Features)

We’re pretty big users of Dropbox around these parts. There’s something about the cross-platform service that’s exceptionally easy and fun to use. Of course, the native wWindows and OS X apps also weigh heavily in our favoritism for Dropbox. But to some, there’s another lesser known service by the name of Box. Similar to Dropbox, Box is meant to hoard all of your digital content in the cloud. One thing we’ve always found so limiting about all…

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