Cell toting 55″ REGZA LED TV is a beast. Displays 8 channels at once!

by Mike
Posted October 5th, 2009 at 6:42 am

Think you have the biggest, baddest TV in town? Sit down because you don’t have anything against Toshiba’s latest beast waiting in the wings. The REGZA 55X1 LED TV has a host of specs that will make any videophile and sports junkie drool. So what about these specs?

  • 240 Hz
  • LED backlight
  • Cell processor (same as PS3)
  • 5,000,000 : 1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 1250cd/m²
  • 7-speaker sound bar
  • Opera-based HD web browser
  • external 3TB hard drive for time-shifting up to 26 hours of TV from 8 different channels

Remember…this is a TV folks. I can’t really single out any one feature as being “the coolest” as it is all might fine by my standards. It’s worth mentioning the 3TB hard drive and Cell processor are stored in a separate box outside of the TV enclosure that is roughly the size of a first gen Blue-ray player. Even though a second box may put of some, the specs should quickly win them back. After looking further, I guess one certain feature does stand out. With that Cell processor understandably comes some muscle. Muscle that is capable of displaying 8 HD channels at the same time. Sports junkies, this is where you pick up your jaw. Now you can have the coolest party. 8 simultaneous channels at one time is insane. Come on folks, this TV is a beast.

The REGZA is set to go on sale in homeland Japan late this year with hopes of at least 1,000 sales before migrating across the deep blue to the land of the free. One particular “feature” I’m sure you’re all wondering about — the price. Such oozing of technological awesomeness doesn’t come cheap. The privilege for owning the coolest TV comes in at 1 Million Yen (~ $11,115 USD). Ouch. Yes it’s expensive. But, for many, they won’t even blink.

This isn’t Toshiba’s only experiment with injecting Cell processors into TV’s. Sources say a Cell powered 3D TV and even a “Super HD” 4k x 2k model that upconverts 1080p to 2160p (3840 x 2160). All I can say is Toshiba, bring it. Who’s feet are completely covered in drool? Anyone…anyone?

** A few more pictures yearn for your attention just after the click

Gizmodo > Impress AV Watch > Toshiba

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  • Thin LED TV
    February 9, 2010 at 10:55 am

    Since I was an owner of REGZA 55″. It was amazing. My wildest dreams were surpassed by light years and I wept in the warm glow that filled my living room with this LED TV.

  • Sale LED TV
    January 2, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    55″ is biggest led tv monitor in the market right now. And I agree with you this REGZA is very cool. It might be worked well with my new blu-ray player.

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