CES 2012: BoostCase Hybrid Hands On.

We first heard about the BoostCase Hybrid at CES Unveiled this past Sunday and we were crazy impressed. We’ve used so many different battery cases in the past and to be falling in love with one now seems whacky to us. After seeing the Hybrid and meeting with the reps at the booth on Sunday, I decided I would spend the majority of my walks through the CES Halls looking at the battery case competition. I wanted to see if what I was excited to learn more about would stand up against all of the other competition out there, especially the likes of Incipio, that have been doing this for a few years.

We’ll spend more time on that subject in a future post this week once we’ve had enough time to play with every case out there. But for now, please join us inside for a hands on with one of my personal favorites – the BoostCase Hybrid…


The Hybrid – as you can probably tell by the name – doubles as a sleek case and a battery pack. The slim fit snap-on case hugs your iPhone 4/4S, and drapes it in a wide array of colors. Not much to say about the case, other than that it is a nice addition to the iPhone itself. It isn’t too bulky and adds some good protection to the sides and the back of the iPhone. But it doesn’t stop there, the detachable extended battery slips and locks directly into the case giving a whopping 1900mAh in a small sleek outfit. The battery doesn’t add much of a bulk or weight to the iPhone itself.

Weighing in at only 2.2 oz, you don’t notice an undesirable weight gain to the already light and sexy iPhone. I was surprised to pop my iPhone 4S into the display units they had available to find out I wasn’t going to be lifting a brick. The case itself is exactly how I like my cases – sleek and barely adding any extra mass. But the cool part about it, the extended battery doesn’t take anything away from that. This is exactly what I want in a battery case – to the T.

With 7 colors to choose from, you can mix & match your way into long battery life and stylish protection. I do love the BoostCase Hybrid, actually, all of us here at Gadgetsteria love it. We’ve been comparing everything we see to it over the past 24 hours, and I can see us continuing that trend for the next few days. We will attempt to get a unit for review and really give the Hybrid a test to see how it stands up with the rest of the World’s battery options. Until then, head on over to the BoostCase website to check out all of their products.