CES 2012: Nokia Lumia 900 Hands On.

Nokia used CES as the launchpad for the North American push, and what a push it was. While the Lumia 900 is more or less a slightly larger, but nearly spec-for-spec copy of the Lumia 800, it intrigues nonetheless. The downright sexy hardware of the Lumia 900 is a testament to the fact that despite being down and beaten repeatedly over the last couple of years, they still know how to design a beautiful piece of hardware.

At CES 2012, Nokia and Microsoft are beating the war drum proudly (and perhaps naively), acting as if Apple and the best Android manufacturers have to catch them. While that topic is certainly debatable, there’s no denying that the Nokia Lumia 900 is a gadget worth remembering. Everything from the solid construction to the seemingly impenetrable colored polycarbonate oozes sophistication.

Hop past the break for Gadgetsteria’s Lumia 900 hands on.


  • Gib

    Wow that is one sexy looking phone