CES is just around the corner!

  • December 31, 2008 10:20 am


For all of you consumer electronic loving addicts, CES is probably one of the times of the year that you start foaming at the mouth and twitching uncontrollably at each and every announcement of a new gadget.  This year, the main focus is forecasted to be software, not hardware as it has mainly been in the past.  With the economy in the toilet and no one wanting to spend any money, companies are looking at software to bring them out of the economic slump.  Since last year was Bill Gate’s last CES keynote, our favorite CEO Steve Ballmer will be presenting it this year with a ton of new information about Windows 7 possibly including a release date for a beta and or a release date for the finished product.  Of course, CES will say that registration for the show is going well, which at 133,000 so far isn’t a small number at all, but is a far cry from the 144,000+ they drew just a year ago. 


One segment that is suspected to really boom this year is netbooks.  The 5″-12″ “mini laptops” that are mainly used for internet and basic computing tasks.  Personally I don’t see the point of them and as a waste of money.  If you’re going to spend $300-$700 on a portable internet machine, why not spend another $100-$200 and just get a real laptop.  But I digress. 


One particularly interesting item making its day-view at CES is the Thinkpad W700DS by IBM.  This laptop will be a first in that it has two, read: TWO screens.  The main screen is a 17″ WUXGA with 400 nits of brightness.  The second is a pop-out 10.6″ display running at  768 x 1280.   Some other items of interest are:

  • Android is poised to take over many more handsets giving Google a bigger slice of the smartphone OS pie.  I for one love Android, however am not quite in love with the G1.  This should bring in more people sitting on the fence because of the hardware.


  • OLED will re-appear, except this time instead of a tiny 11″ picture frame sized screen, bigger 30″+ TV’s will be shown.  The prices announced will still probably be astronomical but change is coming none the less in TV land.


  • Wireless HDMI will also be making a repeat appearance.  Although this time, it is much more reliable, and faster delivering rates of up to 480 Mbps at up to 20 meters out!

There are many more things appearing at CES this year and the above are but just a small slice of the excitement to come.  CES 2009 is sure to bring many new and exciting things to the world of Consumer Electronics.  Stay tuned for more news and information as the excitement unfolds.


Source: Macworld, Hexus

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