CES Unveiled: AudioFly

  • January 8, 2012 9:21 pm

We’ve just emerged from the pits of CES Unveiled freshly scathed and battered. But we’ve got a lot of awesome tech to show you. Starting things off: AudioFly.

AudioFly is an Australian born company that according to founder Dave Thompson, was founded to create audio products that truly reproduce music in its fullest, purest form. At CES Unveiled AudioFly had several new models from their AF line to show off. That said, the fun starts after the break…

The AF33 are AudioFly’s entry-level earphone. Specs include a single 9mm dynamic driver, 16ohm resistance, sensitivity of 116dB @ 1kHz, and up to 23db of noise attenuation thanks to the in-ear design. The AF45′s step up things with an 11mm dynamic driver and 118dB @ 1kHz response (same resistance) while a 13mm dynamic driver accompanies the better yet AF56′s.

Finally, the top of the line AF78′s are designed to wow with both a 9mm dynamic driver and balanced armature.

All of the AF earphones feature braided, tangle resistant cables and “Clear Talk” technology — essentially splitting the microphone off from the inline audio controls for better clarity and less interference from click-happy hands.

Pricing for the AF series comes in at $29/$59/$99/$199 respectively. (Add $10 to each model for model with inline microphone.)

Look for AudioFly’s AF series earphones to hit the market in the coming weeks.


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