CES Unveiled: Behringer

CES 2012 is shaping up to be a year of firsts. Just like AudioFly and Velodyne, Behringer is traveling into uncharted waters with their new, vast consumer electronics range of audio equipement under the Eurosound name. Everything from iPhone docks with wireless, inductive charging speakers to a wireless, waterproof pool speaker were shown off. Get a stiff drink and join us after the break…

Soundscape Air

An iPhone home dock with wireless speakers. But not just any normal wireless speakers. These wireless speakers charge via induction meaning no wires. No fuss. 150′ range. We’re sold.

Eclipse Soundbar

Dual built-in subwoofers and a unique acoustic design are behringer’s claim to fame with the Eclipse Soundbar. Charge and play your iPod, iPhone and iPad as well as wake the neighbors with the integrated alarm clock and FM receiver.

BoomPow 50

Small, portable iPhone/iPod/iPad dock.

BoomPow 100

Where the above devices are smaller, more personal listening devices, the BoomPow 100 is built to provide the soundtrack to your latest party. Acoustic pizzaz is provided by the 5.25″ woofer, 2x 3″ mid-range speakers and 2x 1″ tweeters. Aux inputs and remote control ensure expandability and hands-off use to boot.

BoomPow 200

The BoomPow 200 shares the same 5.25 woofer from the 100, but that’s where the similarities end. Uping the ante comes by way of 2x 4″ full-range loudspeakers and 2x 1″ tweeters that when combined, should be enough to fill most medium to large-sized rooms.

As is now standard, alarm clock/FM/charging functionality is present as are options for external devices.

Stiletto Blu

Pocket sized bluetooth player with USB charging.


Pocket/purse-sized bluetooth speaker with integrated SD card reader for playback of audio files. Power provided by 2xAA batteries.

Rock Concert

300′ range + 12V/battery power + teflon sealed cabinet = a good excuse to have a party outside. Analog audio inputs and a “wide frequency range” mean background noise should always be going.

Splash 100

Swimming is more fun with music. Electronics and water don’t get along. Solution: A speaker that is shaped like a ball and seemingly waterproof. We’ve seen the concept a time or two before, but now behringer seems to think they can one-up the competition. Users can expect ~3.5 hours out of the rechargeable, built-in batteries. 230′ range.

Feel manly and rock out…like men do…with the Tuff Tunes. AM/FM support with aux input and a 5″ woofer will test the capacity of the 4x AA batteries to the fullest.

Plus more…

Check out behringer’s full, expansive list of new consumer electronic gear at Behringer.com

  • Phil

    behringer might be cool if they didn’t go to market like a page out of Alibaba.com