CES Unveiled: Velodyne vPulse Earphones.

Velodyne has long been known — 28 years in fact! — in the home audio world for their high-end home theater subwoofers. This year at CES they emerged into a new market: Personal Audio.

The “vPulse”, as they’re being called, feature an acoustically balanced 9mm dynamic driver that according to Velodyne, were designed to have deep, accurate bass that doesn’t overpower or distory mids and highs.

Other perks of of the vPulse include a pressure relief system that Velodyne says is safer on the user’s ear canal as well as flat, tangle resistant cables.

Interested parties can pick up the vPulse earphones now at Velodyne.com for $89.00. Physical retail locations will begin carrying the vPulse earphones in the coming weeks.

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