CESUnveiled: BoostCase Hybrid.

If you really use your iPhone you’ll quickly realize that a full days charge is no where near possible. Battery packs help. But they’re bulky and take up space. Plus, it’s just another thing to loose. That’s where battery cases come in. Yeah, they’re bulky themselves. But at least you’re not going to go misplacing it seeing as how it’s stuck to the back of your phone.

At CES Unveiled we got to take a hands-on look at BoostCase’s new Hybrid iPhone 4/4S case. The cool part about this case over other battery cases is that it features a two-part design — the first part is a normal looking soft-ish case that can be worn as is as a daily driver while the actual battery case part fits over the first case and latches into place.

The battery in the Hybrid case is rated at 1900 mAh meaning a full 100% recharge should be obtainable.

Those with expressive personalities shouldn’t have any problems finding a color to their liking. As you can see above, there are plenty to choose from, not to mention, the two-part design of the case makes them interchangeable.

$89 at Amazon.com – Buy

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