Check Out Spotify’s Revamped Android App!

Sorry iOS users. Today isn’t the day in which we see the Spotify iPad app unveiled. However, if that’s an Android device tucked between your twitchy fingers, start smirking.

Spotify has officially let loose images of their new, completely revamped Android app. And it’s awesome. Besides the full top-to-bottom support for iOS, plenty of new social and sharing features are baked in and alleged support for scrobbling (This wasn’t an options already?) is planned before the app hits the Google Play store. Also on board: new high-resolution album art and a completely new navigational system that incorporates slick side scrolling features for things like the main menu.

The app is still in the development cycle, though Spotify has made it available as a preview.

If you’re a fan of the hit streaming service, point your browser right over here for the goods.


Via: AndroidCommunity