Check Out This Awesome To-Do/List App, “Clear”.

We’re not usually too captivated by simple “to-do” apps but a new app from Mac outfit Real Mac Software” has us drooling over just that. “Clear”, as it’s being called, introduces an intuitive and downright awesome way to browse through, add/remove/edit, and organize your daily tasks all while being presented in a pleasant and eye pleasing design.

The colored bans you see above correspond to importance with the topmost, red bars offering up the most time critical tasks. As you move down the list in importance the bars fade in color. Adding new tasks is as simple as pinching outward on the display. Pinching inward moves you back out to the main list where you can expand upon the simple to-do app; things such as grocery lists, a list of movies to watch, etc can be entered into Clear.

Clear is listed as “coming soon” on their website along with a simple email sign-up box for notification once Clear is ready to go.

Check out a quick demo of Clear in action after the break and let us know what you think…

  • Source Real Mac Software
  • Via @MrRobinson (Twitter)