Check Out Tizen. Samsung’s In-house OS That They Hope Will Compete With Android (Some Day).

Android has been a very profitable venture for Samsung. Why next to Apple, they’re really the only other mobile hardware manufacturer turning a respectable profit. That said, even with Android’s contributions to Samsung’s bank accounts, the company is hell bent on keeping their options open. At first, that alternate option was based around an in-house low/mid-range device OS dubbed “Bada”. As of late, however, that option has morphed into Tizen, a new OS built in conjunction with Intel and based off of Meego, every geeks favorite open source OS that never got off the ground.

Today at the 2012 Tizen Developer Conference, Samsung unveiled the first developer bound reference hardware complete with the most complete version of Tizen we’ve seen to date. The hardware itself is far from the lower-tier offerings that Bada has traditionally catered to — 1.2GHz dual-core ARM-based processor + 720p display. The OS looks pretty Android 1.0(ish) to us. Visual polish is definitely needed. But it’s a good start. And we’re pretty sure if there is Meego underneath the interface, there’s bound to be some awesomeness to be had.

Want more Tizen? Check out the video below, compliments of TheHandheldBlog.


Via: BGR