Chicago Could Be The New Home Of Motorola Mobility HQ.

Chicagoans could soon play host to Google’s (almost) in-house hardware manufacturer, Motorola Mobility. This morning Chicago Business is reporting that Google is shopping around downtown chicago for a new headquarters for Motorola Mobility. While the exact amount of employees is unknown at this point, Chicago Business speculates the roughly 500,000 sq. ft. of space Google is searching for points to somewhere in the neighborhood of ~3,000 employees.

Locations currently in Google’s crosshairs include the upper floors of Merchandise Mart and a West Loop warehouse called “Fulton Market Cold Storage”.

For now, Google is still officially waiting on approval from the Chinese gov’t for regulatory approval before singing the final forms to take over Motorola Mobility — a process that has dragged on for months now. If/when they finally do gain approval, moving a large chunk of employees to Chicago will no doubt make a huge splash in the local Chicago economy. (And…we wouldn’t mind a new tech haven popping up close to home, next door in Chicago, either.)

Source: ChicagoBusiness | Via: The Verge
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