Classic Atari 2600 Modded Into The iPhone Dock Of iPhone Docks.

An Atari 2600 is seen by many gaming enthusiasts as a great piece of Americana. Retro gaming consoles are a huge draw for collectors and geeks alike. And while we had to see classic pieces of art such as the Atari 2600 ripped apart, we admire and appreciate Daniel McLeod of Black Mountain Audio for taking the old and making it new (and useful) again.

Daniel replaced the innards of your standard Atari 2600 with two speakers and a subwoofer as well as modding an old 2600 cartridge into a 30-pin iPhone/iPod compatible charging device. The end result is perhaps the best custom iPhone dock we’ve seen to date; no flashy lights, gimmicky additions, or tacky colors. Just original, simple, Atari + Apple love.

Think it’s worth $100? You can buy it over at Daniel’s Etsy page

  • Source Ubergizmo
  • Via Technabob | Geeky-Gadgets