Coming In iOS 6: Google Maps Killed, Replaced With Home Grown Apple “Maps”.

Since Apple first picked up Placebase, a mapping company, in 2009, rumors have run wild pointing to the eventual killing of Google Maps. Again in 2010, Apple scooped up another mapping company, Poly9. Finally, again in late 2011, Apple acquired mapping company (this time a 3D mapping company) C3, which (yet) again fueled speculation that Google Maps’ days on iOS were numbered.

Today, 9to5Mac has revealed that everything we’ve heard for months is true; Google Maps is getting kicked to the curb and replaced with “Apple Maps” — coming in iOS 6.

At its core, Apple’s in-house mapping data will now be entirely theirs instead of sourced from Google. The removal of Google will reportedly reflect in the new name which will simply be “Maps”. On top of the name change, 9to5 is also reporting that Apple has re-designed the Maps icon with a new color scheme and feature Apple’s 1 Infinite Loop HQ as on said icon.

Like Google Maps, Apple’s Maps alp will feature a “Street View” of aorts that will give users a birds eye view the the street in question and its immediate surroundings. But the coolest new feature, however, is the C3-based 3D mapping feature, no doubt similar in appearance to Google Maps’ Street View (but with more dimension).

By default, 3D view will be turned off, though, is easily activated by a simple button. According to 9to5′s sources, 3D mode displays “beautiful, realistic graphics based on de-classified middle target algorithms”.

The long road since the initial Google Map replacement rumors began back in 2009 with Apple’s first mapping based purchase is finally nearing an end. Look for more information and a full, in-depth preview to be showcased at WWDC in June where Apple will unveil their next-gen OS, iOS 6.

Via: 9to5Mac