Roccat’s Phobo Keyboard And Power-Grid App To Turn Your Smartphone Into In-Game Stats Viewer, Communication Device

PC gaming keyboards are pretty much a dime a dozen. Sure. There are minor differences here in there in key layout and feel, design, and included features (gimmicks?) but at the end of the day, a keyboard is a keyboard is a keyboard. The Roccat Phobo on the other hand looks to be ushering in what a “futuristic” keyboard is capable of.

Officially getting unveiled at CeBIT, the Roccat Phobo is a keyboard on steroids. While the normal functions and hardware is top of the line quality for hardcore gamers, the real stand-out feature is the included smartphone dock and companion app called “Power-Grid”. Once installed and docked, any smartphone can act as an extension of your normal keyboard; it can house numerous in-game functions, macros, and more! On top of that, the Power-Grid software can also shuttle Facebook and Twitter traffic, allow you to receive and send text messages, and even answer phone calls which are then routed through your main gaming computer’s speakers/headset.

A beta of the iOS app is scheduled for release shortly after CeBIT while the Android version is expected a little later after Gamescom 2012.

Via: Engadget