Communists running App Store approval process.


Communism is making its way through America…starting with Apple.  Another highly useful app has been banned from the App Store. MailWrangler, a tool to greatly increase Gmail functionality on the iPhone by letting you log into multiple Gmail accounts, see threaded views and all of your Google contacts, archive (quickly), star, etc without the normal issues associated with apples own Gmail IMAP function on the iPhone.

The reasons Apple have been giving for rejecting apps are downright ridiculous.  Are they trying to push developers away?  Because that is exactly what they are going to start doing.  Many developers are going to see all of the apps being rejected and ask themselves the question “Why bother?”.  Any sane person with half a brain could easily differentiate between and MailWrangler.  It’s a BS excuse so Apple can go off and patent their own “new idea” and pass it off as their own.


Disclaimer to all of the “He’s an Apple Hater Group”: I own an iPhone 3g, macbook pro, ibook, and several iPods…which I love!!