“Crackmem” for advanced Blackberry users

Before switching over to my iPhone i was a HUGE crackberry fanatic…(and still am).  I knew and still know, just about every backdoor and customizing tip for Blackberries.  Editing things like removing certain programs like voice dialing or installing different carriers’ themes just to name a couple.  Doing those involved cutting, copying, pasting, and deleting several or more files, was often a mini journey.  Finally someone has made the process easier for beginners and MUCH faster for the more advanced users.  Crackmem is a program that lets you do the above plus more to your blackberry all in a simple GUI interface.   With Crackmem you can:

Remove the vendor.xml

Remove the sample video and/or preloaded wallpapers

Remove Voice Activated Dialing

Remove carrier themes

Remove TTY

Remove Yahoo, MSN, and AIM

Remove MyFaves

Remove Push To Talk

Eric and his team have made the task of customizing our blackberries much easier…Thank you guys!

Check out Berryreview for more info or head over to the Crackberry thread for more detailed info about release builds and downloads.

source: Berryreview, Crackberry