Crysis 3 Leaked By EA, Swedish Magazine.

Remember the old phrase “but can it run Crysis”? ‘Twas a popular saying by PC gamers when comparing system specs several years ago. During its heyday, Crysis was “the” game to benchmark new systems on. Nothing came close to being as good looking (or graphically demanding). If your machine could run Crysis, you were a god.

Times have changed a bit. Newer, more demanding games have unseated Crysis from that hallowed benchmark spot. Further removing itself from the forefront of stress testing systems, Crysis 2 was more or less a console port. Don’t get us wrong, it looked beautiful on consoles and even on PC. But it simply wasn’t a “from-the-ground-up” PC creation. That said, Crysis 2 was much easier to run than the either the original Crysis or 1.5.

The gap between Crysis 1 and 2 was several years long. The gap between 2 and 3, however, might not be. An alleged Crysis 3 image has leaked showing a nano-suit warrior with a bow, potentially hinting a return to the jungles that were enjoyed in 1 and 1.5. A further “leak” comes by way of a Swedish publication, Game Reactor, which uses a pattern on the cover that is eerily similar to the nanosuit design from Crysis (link). But the most convincing and pretty much confirmation that Crysis 3 is coming and very soon are the pre-release box images seem below. Simply searching “Crysis 3 Limited Edition” on Google. Looks like Origin is a bit of a leaky bucket as far as unannounced games are concerned.

Anyone excited for Crysis 3?

Via: RocketChainsaw
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